Why You Need A Peer Group and Business Coach

Are you curious how other CEOs lead their companies or C-suite executives manage their departments?

Have you ever made a decision and wondered whether it was the best decision?

Have you ever wondered how other business leaders would have made that decision?

If any of these questions resonate with you as a business leader then you should explore this website and learn how many of your fellow San Francisco East Bay business owners are answering that question for themselves.

They belong to my CEO peer advisory group or my key executive group where they get monthly one-to-one coaching and an all-day monthly meeting to discuss decisions they are facing.  One advantage is that they are no longer “lonely at the top” because they are with other leaders who face the same predicament…having a sounding board of advisors who will tell them honestly what they think.  If you feel your leadership team is holding back their opinions and suggestions you are probably right.  The members in your peer group will tell it like it is.  As a result you will never make a major decision without a number of options suggested by your fellow members.

One of my favorite quotes “None of us is as smart as all of us” is attributed to baseball pitcher Satchel Paige. It sums up the value of participating in a private advisory board where the members are able to share issues they are dealing with and get candid confidential feedback from their peers.  You will be tapping into hundreds of years of experience in the room.

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Membership is open to CEOs, Presidents, COOs, General Managers…anyone with bottom line responsibility who can make changes in their organization.

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